All buildings and structures require care and planned maintenance (particularly in the harsh marine environment in which we live here in New Zealand).  This ensures a customer’s major capital investment is both protected and maintained.  The concept is quite simply one of prevention versus cure.

A programmed and structured system where buildings (and structures alike) are painted with the most effective materials and the newly painted surfaces are then cleaned and renovated at regular intervals under a prescribed term maintenance contract.   The cleaning combined with regular effective paint maintenance removes contaminants and oxidized paint to help prolong the paint life and ensure that a protective coating is maintained at all times. The underlying materials are protected against deterioration and the buildings kept looking at their best.  Ultimately, this system proves more cost effective than ad hoc painting.

The advantages of applying a system of regular maintenance servicing to mechanical equipment is both normal practice and taken for granted. Vehicles are serviced at set kilometres; aircraft overhauled after prescribed hours in the air; ships dry docked at regular intervals and machinery serviced after set hours of work.  This approach ensures prolonged working life, reduced running costs and minimizes breakdown.  This very principle can be effectively applied to static structures with equally beneficial results.

Together with the client, we tailor a program to best suit individual requirements and offer payment schedules to suit (monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annual). This programmed approach can be extended as far as 14 years.

Given that nothing remains static with properties – flexibility is a key factor and modifications, additions or subtractions are easily made and there are no penalties for early termination.

Laurie Smaling

General Manager