John Adair

Whether you are looking for perfection in replicating Corporate livery to a single outlet or the pristine presentation of a large shopping complex or strip mall – JMA Decorators will work in conjunction with your own Management team and tailor a package to meet your needs.

Safety is of paramount importance and we take every precaution to ensure and maintain the safety of tenants, the public at large and our own workforce alike. Whether we are working at heights or restricting public access, a site specific safety plan will be drawn up and agreed to prior to the commencement of the required work function(s).

In many instances we will be required to work outside of normal retail shopping hours in order that no disruption occurs to your normal business and both tenants and the shopping public are not subjected to inconvenience. This would, of course, extend to parking precincts so as to ensure optimum access whilst also negating the requirement to provide protective cover to shoppers’ cars.

Security is also a concern when working within such areas ‘after hours’ and JMA Decorators ensures that each and every staff member concerned undergoes a thorough police security check before they are permitted on site.

John Adair 

Managing Director

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