Recreation (TSB)

John Adair

Sporting facilities are ultimately landmarks – both to the local community in which they are established as well as the nation as a whole.

Whether a new project or a repaint – JMA Decorators can tailor a package to best suit the needs of the facility and help ensure these iconic structures remain in optimum presentation. This is an important aspect when considering both the considerable initial financial outlay to develop such facilities as well as the fact that they often become show cased to the world at large.

Our harsh marine environment takes its toll on painted surfaces – particularly with exterior structural steel work where the corrosive nature of salt laden air soon becomes clearly apparent.

Planned maintenance is essential in heavy wear areas due to pedestrian traffic and these areas are always in full public view.

With increasing difficulties in obtaining and maintaining significant corporate sponsorship for our various sporting bodies – the need to ensure optimum presentation of our sporting facilities is increased.

John Adair 

Managing Director

Museum Stand -Basin Reserve

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RA Vance Stand -Basin Reserve

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JMA Black Caps

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