At JMA Decorators, we provide modern, creative, cost effective and responsible solutions in decorating needs, industrial protective coatings and preventative maintenance whilst always exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Q:  I am new to all of this – can you help me through?

A:  Absolutely! With a combination of our own internal expertise along with manufacturers specifications and/or recommendations – right through to assistance from a colour consultant.  We will ensure that you have a total understanding and complete satisfaction!

Q:  What guarantees of workmanship do you provide?

A:  At JMA Decorators, we are proud of the reputation we have earned through quality workmanship and will ‘stand by’ any project that we undertake. This core culture has resulted in many referrals over the years and is not something we would want to jeopardise.

As members of Master Painters New Zealand you are entitled to a ‘homeowners’ 5 year written guarantee so long as Dulux Premium products are selected.  Full details of this guarantee can be found on

Q:  What is meant by planned maintenance painting?

A:  This system contrasts with the traditional ad-hoc method of painting a building (or structure) and then simply leaving them untouched for a long period until paintwork deteriorates and expensive repairs become necessary.

Our planned approach offers a means of reducing maintenance costs whilst also ensuring optimum presentation of your valuable asset.

The life expectancy of a painted surface coating is largely determined by the quality of surface preparation; the coating system applied and the degree to which atmospheric pollution is allowed to react with the surface coating.

Q:  What is involved each time a planned maintenance service is carried out?

A:   A program is designed in conjunction with you from the outset.  This program of works will be specific to suit the requirements of your building.  Once the initial repaint has been carried out – we will then return at predetermined intervals and clean down the nominated surfaces and special attention is given to ‘sensitive’ areas (window sills, ledges, doors etc) with sectional repainting taking care of any areas suffering normal wear and tear or premature paint breakdown.

Q:  What about building repairs?

A:  Minor hairline cracks to the substrate or replacement window putty is included within the service.  Other items (such as rotted timbers or damaged plumbing) are not a part of the program.  Prior to each service being carried out, our Project Manager presents you with a “Building Report’ which will list any building repairs required.  We are able to provide you with quotations for such building repairs or you may wish to utilise your own nominated trades people.

Q:  How do we pay for your work?

A:  We are able to offer a number of options for payment.  This will depend upon your own preference and may vary from ‘pay-as-you-go’ scheme through to even spread of payment for the duration of the Agreement.  Needless to say we are happy to discuss the options with you.

Q:  Can we cancel the Agreement before the expiry date?

A:  Our Agreements have allowance for cancellation at any time and under no circumstances do any penalty charges occur.  All we ask is for payment for work already completed up to time of cancellation.

Q:  What paint products do you use?

A:  Only premium grade products sourced from leading manufacturers are used on any of our job sites.  If you have a preference for a single manufacturer then we are happy to source their particular products.